The bespoke house is a one-of-a-kind dwelling that meets the individual needs and tastes of the client and the particular demands of the site.  Designed within eight styles inspired by American, French, and Mediterranean architecture that are versatile enough to accomodate traditional or contemporary tastes, each house is unique.  Clients are welcome to personalize their home by combining elements from several styles.  Six size categories, starting at 3,500 square feet and peaking at 9,500, provide options for a wide variety of designs.  The specific design vocabulary of each style- treatments of the facade, including porches, windows, and doors; interior elements ranging from room arrangements to authentic finishes; and appropriate building materials- offers inspiration and direction.  Presenting a welcome alternative to look-alike houses, the resulting dwellings are bespoke- combining the vision of the client with the skill of a master architect.

Ken Tate is known for his talent in designing beautiful, original, and liveable houses that are rooted in history, both ancient and modern.  Projects for his international clientele are frequently featured in major design magazines, and in 2010 Architectural Digest selected him for its elite AD100 list of influential architects and designers.  Tate is celebrated for his comprehensive knowledge, imaginative designs, and attention to detail, but his greatest talent is the ability to create houses that are not only places in which to live, but also evocative ones in which to dream.

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