The House of Shadows and Light by Ken Tate Special Ltd Ed

The House of Shadows and Light by Ken Tate Special Ltd Ed

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Own this limited edition printing of Ken's book The House of Shadows and Light signed!


Plato asserted that the world is a visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related. The idea of the anima mundi—a universal spirit of life—has infused world thought from the beginning of human life.


Because he speaks the language of buildings, Ken Tate perceives this animating spirit in every aspect of the house: materials drawn from nature, forms and rhythms with timeless grace, the ever-changing play of light and shadow, and the audible voice of the house. Yes, the voice, which beckons to him even before the first drawing is made, which chooses him as the instrument to find its way into three-dimensions.


The voice also communicates with those who dwell in a house—and they commune with it in return. Together, they carry its story forward. This small volume illustrates this boundless spirit of life as it shapes the history of a single house, the people who inhabit it, and the architect who channeled its essence.


“I design houses. They speak to me. They help me bring them to live—to Being. The architect knows how to answer the house's needs, its many wishes. This short story tells' the houses's thoughts, hopes and dreams... Perhaps you have heard your house speak as well...” – Ken Tate